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Previous complaints to Queensland Industry Licencing Unit at Office of Fair Trading about a delinquent Process Server (Field Agent) were an absolute waste of time. Licencing were found to be totally inept and useless, because they fall over themselves to believe the serial lies of this Process Server and Evidence Fabricator that they have licensed to operate in Queensland. So in November 2017 the matter resulted in a CLAIM being filed in the District Court in Maroochydore Queensland against Warren Nigel Russ (Process Server) - Queensland License No. 1103122 and his company Commercial & Process Services Australia Pty Ltd.

Pictured above are two Shipping Containers that were belonging to the Plaintiff's wife that Warren Russ a Licenced Process Server (Second Defendant) deliberately omitted from his self-serving affidavit published below. The purpose of the omission can only be to mislead the Court by furthering a false claim that the property at Cooroy had been abandoned by the Plaintiff and his wife.

At paragraph 18 of his affidavit (published below), Russ swore the following false statement:
“There were items left in the backyard and “humpy”, some distance away from the house, but in my view they had no commercial value”.

There were numerous other items of value located on the property which were located in the backyard and under the high-set house that was undergoing renovation. Renovation material was stored in the containers.

So as to complete his deceitful fabrication, Russ OMMITED TO INCLUDE in his affidavit that exhibited 45 photographs:
• any photographs of the above containers; 
• any photographs of personal chattels in the backyard; 
• any photographs of personal chattels under the house.

No sane person could possibly reach a conclusion of "no commercial value", or be innocently mistaken as to the value, especially when Russ fitted high-tensile padlocks to the containers and knew that their sale was being arranged, by the persons instructing him (a Trustee in Bankruptcy), who has since been sued and has paid $55,000 compensation to the Plaintiff's wife.

By Russ knowing that the containers were being sold and thus shortly to be removed from the property, this Licenced Process Server (Field Agent) who is in the business of swearing supposedly truthful affidavits for Court Proceedings, intentionally excluded the containers from the affidavit evidence he provided to the Court, in a conniving plot to support his false claim of the Plaintiff's abandonment, in order to mislead the Court.

By reason of this behaviour, along with other false and evasive statements in the affidavit (such as denial of trespass when evidence shows otherwise), I believe it is reasonable to call Warren Nigel Russ a SERIAL LIAR and an EVIDENCE FABRICATOR, and to be in potential contravention of section 126 CRIMINAL CODE QLD and/or  section 140 CRIMINAL CODE QLD.

His lawyers Aejis  Legal who employ Scott Argleslawyer, were happy to use this FABRICATED EVIDENCE in the Russ evidence affidavit, even after being told of the fabrication and being provided with unequivocal evidence of the fabrication, and despite the example set by a recent (15 March 2019) Federal Court course of action regarding an untruthful affidavit.

The Federal Court example was learned about from this helpful article; "Your client’s star witness has lied in an affidavit filed in court – what do you do?".

Aejis and Argles had been notified of the untruthfulness of the Russ affidavit by way of the Plaintiffs Affidavit sworn on 17 June 2019. However they continued to rely on the fabrication, while being before the Supreme Court of Appeal on 19 June 2019.

Aejis and Argles have not responded as per the example in Wavetrain Systems AS v Next Generation Rail Technologies SL [2019] FCA 350, and consequently the matter was brought to the attention of the High Court of Australia.

An Affidavit to the High Court in proceeding B62-19, sworn on 14 January 2020 and served on the lawyers, AGAIN put them on notice of the untruthful fabrication by their client.

The two affidavits served on Aejis and Argles, provide unequivocal evidence that their client is an outright liar. 

In total there are FOUR affidavits filed in the Courts by two witnesses swearing as to the truth of the matter. As it stands currently, the Courts prefer to believe the lies in the  Russ affidavit.

If AejisArgles and Russ, continue to use this FABRICATED EVIDENCE so as to obstruct, prevent, pervert, or defeat the course of justice, then they will further involve themselves in an attempt to practice FRAUD on the COURT, and will have to bear the consequences.

A COMPLAINT has been made to the LEGAL SERVICES COMMISSION File No. 71019057.


The fabrication is at paragraph 18 of the Affidavit below,
sworn by Warren Nigel Russ Licenced Evidence Fabricator, 
witnessed by AEJIS LEGAL and used by AEJIS LEGAL in Court Proceedings.